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Hailey teasing at the pool

Sexy Hailey has a new neighbor and the moment she saw him moving in she got immediately attracted to him. She visited him the next day to welcome him in the neighborhood, she jogged with him, she did anything just to get his attention with no use. But once she wants something she gets it one day or the other. This hot sunny day she saw him from the window cutting the grass in his yard and a crazy idea came to her.

She went to ten by the pool and took off her bikini acting like she is not aware of the fact that he can see her through the fence. But he did saw her and couldn’t stop staring at her sexy body with big round boobs. Imagine how hard she got in his pants when naughty Hailey spread her legs and showed him her wet tight pussy. Go to www.alisonangel.org and check out a naughty babes just as Hailey exposing her sexy naked body. Have fun!


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